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How to start photography business

  1. First of all you have to create your portfolio, without portfolio you can't start your photography business.

  2. Then you have to think about your brand , example "Nozze Arte" .

  3. After deciding good brand name you have to register your domain name. You can book your domain name from Godaddy or WIX .

  4. You can hire someone or any company for your website design & develop , otherwise you can buildup your own website from WIX .

  5. Also you have created Facebook page , instagram, twitter , youtube profile as early as possible. You have to understand the power of social media, now a days without social media or social media promotion you can not grow rapidly.

  6. Go to youtube & learn about social media marketing , SEO . So that you can promote your business online.

  7. Now you need some software to operate your Photography business & team . As accounting software you can use ZOHO BOOKS ( it's free actually ) . As Team & work management you can use CLICK UP .

  8. At begin you don't have lots of client. Create your visiting card / business card & Stamp .

  9. Check your competitive advantage , study buyer persona & then create your packages.

  10. Be humble , be gentle towards the client , make them comfortable & process should be buttery smooth.

If you have passion regarding photography & you want turn your passion into profession then surly you have check NACP & their Courses Page. Because NACP is the best photography institute in Kolkata.


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